According to the latest study on homelessness in Los Angeles, conducted by Mayor Garcetti, there are 47,000 homeless people living in Los Angeles. 40% of that number are mothers with children and families. That’s 18,800 mothers and children living in their cars, living in shelters, and on the street. Imagine a real home that gives mothers and their children a home and a program, operated by The Salvation Army, that helps them build new lives, get an education, job training, counseling, and build savings towards their future. That place is The Nancy Painter Home.


The Nancy Painter Home for Mothers with Children is a 501(c)(3) state and federal non-profit corporation, and we have been helping mothers with children for over fifteen years. Eligible mothers with children can live at The Salvation Army Nancy Painter Home rent-free for up to two years.

Each eligible mother and her children have their own private bedroom and bathroom. There is a children’s library that contains a computer for each family, as well as many wonderful children’s books. Mothers are offered counseling, training, access to education, and job opportunities. The children are enrolled in school. Mothers are required to set aside 50% of their salary, which is held in a savings account through The Salvation Army, and then returned to them at the end of their stay as a nest egg with which to start a new life.


The home is named after founder Walter Painter’s mother, Nancy. Somehow, Nancy figured out what she had to do. Nobody taught her how to be a single mother with children. She just knew. She was a brave and resourceful woman, dedicated and determined, and her first priority was her children’s well-being. She was a woman with a severe physical handicap who worked two jobs day and night. She was determined that her children would have as good a life as any other kid on the block.

Walter and Charlene’s hope is to ease the struggle of other mothers in similar situations. Their desire is to create a series of small residential homes where mothers with children can be cared for in a loving environment and find a better future for themselves and their children. Eligible mothers will be welcomed into the home without regard to race, creed, national origin, or religion.

The Nancy Painter Home has received strong support from its Board of Directors and The Salvation Army. Walter and Charlene Painter and the Board of Directors have worked tirelessly to make The Salvation Army Nancy Painter Home a reality. The home has already obtained annual grants from Newman's Own and the J. K. Eichenbaum Foundations. Walter, Charlene, and the Board of Directors have created an annual fundraising event, where the goal each year is to raise enough money for the annual upkeep of the home.

How To Apply

Call the Salvation Army Glendale Branch Office and speak to: Director of Operations Rick White or Housing Manager Shavona Parker 818-246-5586


DONATE TODAY and you will give a tomorrow to a homeless mother and her children.

Your donations make a tremendous difference in the lives of the mothers and their children who reside at The Salvation Army Nancy Painter Home. Donations help secure grants, multiplying the effect of your gift. All donations are tax deductible and used solely for The Salvation Army Nancy Painter Home. To help a homeless mother and her children, please click the Donate button below.



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Below are some other resources and program information for help with homelessness in Los Angeles:

Homeless Services

LAHSA Hotline: (213) 225-6581  Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday  7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
LAHSA's Emergency Response Team offers people in the City and County of Los Angeles experiencing homelessness:
  1. Direct emergency services and transportation.
  2. Referrals to shelter for homeless families, unaccompanied adults, and youth.
  3. Outreach services.

Year Round Shelter Program

Shelter Hotline: 1-(800) 548-6047  TDD: 1-(800) 660-4026  (for the deaf and hearing disabled)
Hours of Operation: Daily After 5pm
If you need emergency shelter, free transportation is provided. Please call the shelter hotline for a list of pick-up points.
All shelters open in the evening, usually after 5:00 PM.

211 LA County

211 is the County information and referral line.
Homeless families seeking help should visit 211 LA County website or dial 211 from a phone.
At 211, you and your family can be referred to the closest Family Solutions Center (FSC), where they are assessed by staff and begin the process of accessing services. FSC staff works to place families in programs located within their communities.
Families can also be referred directly to the FSCthrough a partnered homeless shelter.

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